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Instant Zen

Zen experience

How about a moment of relaxation and well-being in the one and only natural hamman in Europe?

By Anabelle

After spending my day walking the magnificent Lac d’Oô trail, I really needed a little relaxing break, with friends 🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️ to recover and recover from my emotions.

“Unmissable in the region, I took the plunge and tried the Luchon Vaporarium experience!”

Unique in Europe, this natural hammam 💨 carved into the rock with its 150 meters of natural underground galleries is entirely fitted out with benches in several places to take advantage of its benefits.

It’s really practical and pleasant to be able to sit down and enjoy this gift of nature discovered by the Romans 🏺 quite a few years ago … In terms of sensations, the sulphurous thermal water gives off steam and a heat of around 42 ° 🔥 is bearable and really very beneficial for cleaning the skin, eliminating toxins or even muscle recovery and it must be said that I REALLY needed it! 😞

To prolong the pleasure, I was invited to go to the thermal pool 💧 which offers a superb view of the surrounding mountains. Finally, when leaving, I passed in front of the “massage and modeling” area …

“And there I crack … Too fan of massages not to take advantage of it!”

Two massages were offered to me, a first “Swedish” and a second with hot stones, what happiness! 🙏🏻

“More than an hour of relaxation where I was able to completely escape and enjoy the moment in total disconnection mode”

If you’re in the area and need a ZEN 🧘 experience like the one I experienced, go for it, you won’t be disappointed! 🙂

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