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Instant glide

Ski Experience

By Anaïs

The mountain is really the ideal place to fill up with fresh air (no risk of meeting mites), gliding and thrills!

We are not going to lie to each other but it is true that winter ☃️ and I have a loving relationship 💙 and have always done so, in another virtual life we would probably have the status “as a couple” 💑 especially on Facebook ^^

Very proud of my origins, I will never tire of winter and this snow ❄️ so beautiful on our slopes.

“She’s like a fluffy white blanket that reveals a picturesque panorama.”

The immensity of the landscapes covered with white gold, offers the most beautiful spectacle, it’s just grandiose 😍😍

“And sincerely it is for me a little magic which makes me fall back in childhood.”

Native of the small village of Oô, famous for its magnificent lake 💧 and its waterfall, I have my bearings and my habits in two very close ski resorts ⛷️ that are Peyragudes by borrowing the Valley of Larboust and Luchon-Superbagnères.

To exercise, slide and fill up on sensations, nothing better for me than spending a day skiing 🎿!

At the beginning, we play it quiet on green and blue slopes 🟢🔵, just to warm up a bit. Then as we go on we set off for the heights ⛰️ by taking the Céciré Express de Luchon-Superbagnères or the Serre-Doumenge de Peyragudes to descend more technical slopes, red 🔴, black ⚫ with breathtaking views. breath on the Grand Hotel 🏨 or on the wild Valley of Larboust 🌲

When I hit the slopes, I experience a feeling of freedom and drunkenness, as if I were flying 🦅 I love it!

“Starting the day with a scull in powder snow gives me really intense joy”

And despite the inevitable and sometimes funny falls, the thrills are always present 😍

And it’s not the cold 🥶 or the queues at the chairlift that will spoil my good mood because I know that at the end a good hot chocolate and a pancake will make my snack 😋

“These kinds of moments also delight me …”

That après-ski is good, especially when you take off your shoes and enjoy a good warming and comforting raclette 🙂

In short, a day of skiing is good for morale! ➕