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Family time

Family experience

Nothing better than sharing moments with family to enjoy mountain holidays!

by Laurent, Sandra and their children

It is 10 am, on vacation in the Pyrenees 31, the whole family 👪 is motivated and determined to enjoy the great blue sky🔵 and the Indian summer at the end of the year.

Our little happiness of the day?

Go up to the Escalette hut from the Col de Menté with the help of Etienne and Pépito 🐴🐴 the 2 inseparable donkeys of Auberge La Soulan . After a warm welcome around a coffee ☕ and by the fireside 🔥 proposed by Youri, the owner of the site, it is time to go on an adventure and live this atypical experience!

“The children are impatient and excited to go up there”

The first meters start with a forest path 🌲 shaded in the colors of autumn 🍂 and with a relatively low drop, and it is not bad to tame Etienne and especially Pépito who is really not in the morning! 😅

As the ascent progresses, the faces, the cries and the laughter of the children 😆 accompany the hike, Etienne and Pépito, remind us that in addition to being hyper endearing, calm and cuddly, they are also great companions hiking 👟

At the end of the forest, the landscape is breathtaking 👀! It must be said that the Escalette plateau, located at 1600m above sea level, offers an exceptional panorama of the peaks of the Pyrenean chain at more than 3000m above sea level. It took about 2 hours without counting the moments of contemplation on the valley and the high Pyrenean peaks at the end of the route to climb up to the hut … 😀

“An unforgettable memory that we will take with us to the Lot-et-Garonne.”